The Gulf Today

Thursday, July 9, 1998

Bangladesh students


on cycles




THREE young Bangladeshi students have cycled their way to Abu Dhabi as part of a global tour to crusade for a pollution-free world.

In Abu Dhabi on the 4th leg of their world sojourn, the trio, all students of Dhaka Uni­versity, Dhaka, are campaigning for greater global awareness on envi­ronmental issues.

Led by Shahade Ferdous, Shahin Alam and Ka­maluddin Ahmed, the trio has sported the slogan “Bangladesh wants a pol­lution free world by the year 2000 AD” on their bi­cycles.

The lofty mission of spreading awareness about the need for a pollution free world has taken them so far to three capitals and other states in India, Pakistan and Iran.

The 27-year-olds em­barked on their world tour from Dhaka on May 25, log ging 7000 kms till date and plan to cycle through all the capitals in the Middle East, Europe and Australia.


Camping with the Bangladesh Ambassador, the young crusaders are meeting with students of Al Ain University, community members and other young people to exchange views on environmental issues.

Said Shahade Ferdous, “We know our motto of a pollution-free,   world     by

2000 AD is wishful think­ing.

But our crusade could at least be the beginning of an initiative by the developed world.

Nothing is impossible. Our objective is to draw the attention of the people the world over.”

He added that their tour had made it possible to meet with city mayors, stu­dent leaders and govern­ment officials with whom they could discuss their concerns.

In all their interactions with young people, they had discussed all aspects of pollution, radiation, global warming and ozone deple­tion, he said.

“For example, did you know that the southern coastal part of Bangladesh is predicted to go under water in 50 years? Also seventy six species of ani­mals and several thousand species of plants are slated to turn become extinct”, he questioned.

The trio leaves for Saudi Arabia as. soon as their visas come through and in interim plan to interact with student bodies in the capital & other emirates.